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Eat Drink & Be Scary

Our Eat Drink & Be Scary food trays are ideal for spooking up any Halloween scene. We have spent the last couple of days working hard on these detailed sets. All the elements have been handmade here at Pinxi Studio, including the tiny sweets, magic pumpkin seeds and the graphics for wooden signs. Trays were originally going to be filled only with trick or treat sweet bags, but we could not resist adding a few additional touches to make them just a little bit more special.

Each tray contains:

One bag of candy corn sweets

One bag of gummy worms

One bag of eye ball gobstoppers

Magic hollow pumpkin with removable stalk

Magic pumpkin seed

Wooden Eat Drink & Be Scary sign

Overall dimensions measures approx. 38mm (w) x 35mm (d) x 38mm (h)


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