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Rebecca Butler – Miniaturist / Illustrator is the creator of Pinxi Studio. Here at Pinxi Studio we have a passion for all things small and spend our days creating unique,  miniature creations.

Rebecca was born and grew up in the picturesque county of Shropshire. From an early age it was clear she had a creative mind and she spent the majority of her free time drawing and conjuring up all sorts of creations to amuse her family.

Rebecca’s grandmother embraced her creativity, spending long summer days teaching her how to reproduce tiny life-like replicas. Spurred on by her family she was encouraged to pursue her creative passions professionally, and she gained a degree in textile/graphic design in 2000. Since qualifying, Rebecca has continued to work within the creative industry and now works alongside her husband , a talented photographer.

After having children, Rebecca reconnected with the miniaturist craft that she so loved as a child, and the curiosity and wonderment of others has culminated in Pinxi Studio, from where she has the pleasure of sharing her passion for all things small with a wider audience.

We hope you enjoy our website.

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